1.05 release (March 2023)

It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally done a refresh and got the code up to date. Sorry about that folks, I dropped off the map a bit during COVID, then had to devote my energies elsewhere for a while.

Anyways, there are some enhancements server-side so everything should be functioning smoothly, plus a few years worth of tweaks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the removal of Python 2.7 in Mac OS Monterey (release 12.3) we have had an issue with server-side services in GENER8 (Cloud library, authorisation). This has been addressed for the new release of Modul8 (3.1.13), otherwise GENER8 will only function completely on Modul8 versions 3.1.10 or below and systems running Mac OS 12.2 or below. Please update Modul8 to 3.1.13 before installing.

Download available from the downloads page. Drop it into your modules folder. Bingo.

Any issues, do let me know and I’ll try not to take 3 years to sort it out this time.


With this version I have introduced a handy little bypass switch for the follow actions.

The switch will appear next to the transport functions once follow actions are active.

The TRIG pane is pressed to access the Follow Actions (select a clip first)
Above you can see that as soon as the increment function is added the new switch (with the F/A label) appears.
When the switch is ORANGE it indicates follow actions are active.
BLUE (off) will temporarily disable any follow actions without having to delete them.

For more help on Follow Actions have a look at this tutorial.