GENER8 is a feature full module family for the VJing app MODUL8 by Garagecube. MODUL8 is an intuitive system for the creation of complex audio visual shows & DMX lighting design. MODUL8 has a plug-in architecture which allows for the expansion of the original program into something much more. Many have produced plug-in modules for MODUL8, but none so ambitious as GENER8!

GENER8 enables new workflows and enhanced functionality, with its launchpad triggering style and timeline editing.


  • Precise Timecode clocking system which synchronises to external MIDI clocks.
  • Auto-looping systems which effortlessly syncs your vj loops to the music.
  • Quantised clip triggering – drop your media exactly on the beat.
  • Timeline editing and recording of every control in MODUL8.
  • Live sequencing of media clips and controllers.
  • MIDI & DMX mapping of events.
  • Expand your available clips from 80 to 64,000!
  • Save layer settings from one project and open in another.
  • Mapped control of MODUL8 with popular MIDI controllers.
  • 3 LFO’s with 6 waveforms types and BPM syncing, to modulate your controllers…
  • Open source design to allowing further modules to work with GENER8. In fact there are already a few classic modules which have been adapted to work as GENER8 modules.
  • Ongoing support and development, and many more features besides.


GENER8 has been in development for over 3 years and is used worldwide by VJs, Theatres and in pre/post production environments. GENER8 is designed by Andy Teasdale, producer of the popular Sound Router and the Micromodul8 modules, and many more beside.