Making Modules Compatible with GENER8

With the inclusion of GENER8 in your projects, the standard form of Layer Contextual modules becomes a little less relevant, as we start to change video at the GENER8 Clip level.

I have written GENER8 with this in mind, and it is a fairly simple process to produce an update of your own Layer Contextual modules which include a sensitivity to the GENER8 Clip changes produced by The GENER8 Launchpad module.

All that is required is a small script which to be included in the Periodical Script, which listens out for changes, and a few Functions in the Init script to collect information about settings, and update changes.

I am currently in the process of finalising the protocols to this, and will be making the finished scripts available as soon as I get a fully tested Alpha version available.

If you would like to update a module to be compatible with GENER8, or create a new one from scratch, let me know about it and we can have a chat – I may be able to help you with some of the planning.