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GENER8 v1.0 has Landed!

GENER8 v1.0 has Landed!

GENER8 has been in beta development for around 6 years now, with thousands of users testing worldwide. From small set-ups to large-scale installations, GENER8 has been put through the paces and it’s finally out of the lab.

What started out as a labour of love has grown into a serious tool for creativity, but it also demands a serious amount of development time and user support. To continue this development & support, GENER8 is now a commercial product.

GENER8 will be available from the online library within MODUL8 on 31/3/18, and also available for download at this site. There will be two levels of usability: Freeware & Licensed. The Freeware version will come with some restrictions (i.e. disabled saving, locked features etc.) 

Since its last beta release, development has been focused on stability and refinement, but that gets boring fast, so there are some sexy new features ; )


  • Timelines for all media types in the Editor. Add envelope modulation to still images (or syphon or video inputs etc.).
  • OSC Support – Trigger clips with OSC from a newly developed TouchOSC patch.
  • Clip Manager – A return of the Clip Manager module, now integrated into the Launchpad. Edit your Clip Library and filter Clips with Tags.
  • Frame advance buttons – get frame by frame accuracy in the Editor.
  • Extended LFO ranges.
  • Improved Novation Launchpad support.
  • Modul8 HD 3.0 ready.
  • Improved GUI features.
  • And at long last – The Manual.

The beta program is now closed, but we’re always open to suggestions for improvements – feel free to sign up to the mailing list.


Video Demo – CLIP CLOUD
15 Aug

Video Demo – CLIP CLOUD

 Can't see the video? Click Here Here's a little video walking you through the new feature ...
Using Novation Launchpad with GENER8
1 Feb

Using Novation Launchpad with GENER8

As the format of the GENER8 Launchpad follows the style of Ableton's session view, it only seemed lo...
Video Tutorial – Strobe Module
21 Jan

Video Tutorial – Strobe Module

A little tutorial covering the new '(at) Strobe' module, which can be found in the online module...

Video Tutorial – Clip Creation / Sequencing / Filters / Beat Matching

Tutorial: Syncing GENER8 to an external MIDI clock